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Reserve naviaddress

Choose your 6-digit address and reserve it right now.



Create an address

Drop a pin on the map and assign a naviaddress

Describe the route

Add comments to the naviaddress or upload photos to make it easier to find

Share it

Send the naviaddress to your friends or the delivery service and they'll find you in no time

Any place can have an address

Want to invite your friends to a picnic somewhere in a park but the place doesn’t have an address? Then make one yourself! Simply create a naviaddress and send it to your friends. They’ll see the exact spot and get there using any map of their choice.


When an address is not enough

What could be better than inviting a few friends to your house in the countryside for a BBQ? They will easily get to the right place even if it is hard to find and they have never been there. Add a detailed step by step route description to your naviaddress and upload a few photos. Share it with them and fire up the BBQ as they’ll find it in no time.


Some places are worth revisiting

They remind us of moments in our lives that we will never forget. Maybe it’s where you had a romantic date on a beach. For some it’s where they caught the biggest fish. If it has a place in (belongs to) your heart, it deserves to be on the map. Add it to favourites so you can always come back later.


The same in any language

It doesn’t matter where you travel. We are taking down the language barriers as naviaddress uses a universal language of numbers. So next time instead of pronouncing Donghuangchenggen Street to a taxi driver just use naviaddress.

An address in any language
NAVIADDRESS — is a global digital addressing system. With it you can assign an address even to a 100 year-old tree in a park or explain how to get to your office by simply sharing a link.


More precise than a postal address and simpler than coordinates


Naviaddress contains from 4 to 9 digits so it's easy to remember and write it down


Each digit has its meaning: area code or street index number


A digit code is language-free and could be understood by anyone

Any place in the world could be easily found with Naviaddress. Join the community and start adding new ones on the map.